środa, 12 listopada 2008

Installation of Maple 8 on Vista

Recently, I came up against the installation of Maple 8 on Microsoft Vista.

In the sequel, I assume I have administrative privileges. If not, log in to your administrator account.

The first problem was to start the installer of Maple. The error concerned the some Java problem (I did not understand it). So I tried to run the installer in the compatibility mode for Windows XP (Service Pack 2, SP, 2). Then the installer started.

I followed the installation in ordinary way, by clicking next, next, OK, finish, done, etc.

It was wrong. Since after it, Maple works normally, but it closes when trying to open or save document (worksheet) without any message.

Following the advice of Philip, I tried run installer again, but I changed the default folder location of Maple, i.e. "C:\Program Files (x86)" into "C:\Maple"

Now, Maple 8 works on Vista well, and the open/save window does not close the program.

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